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    June 16, 2016 11:50 amPosted 1 year ago


    I humbly ask, if you are willing, to help me find the truth about the creator. I am a Christian feeling unsure as to which manner of servitude I should employ. The lies and the shields that the enemy freely hands out both directly and subliminally create much confusion. In my heart I know that the truth will be revealed. I’m currently on a quest to find that for myself. Though this is my individual journey, I know that I do not travel alone. Many others like me, need the spiritual enlightenment that comes with devotion and submission to the supreme God. I pray that the creator will help me to hear the truth, that I may know which path to take.

    Many blessings and peace be unto you my friend.

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      June 21, 2016 4:30 pmPosted 1 year ago
      Brother Jaaber

      Peace Sister Nicole & Many Blessings To You As Well!

      I really appreciate your message and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner!

      The journey to “God” (The Loving, Merciful, Just & Eternal Creator of every single thing) is the most beautiful journey that anyone can embark upon though many have yet to realize it!

      The first step on this journey is recognizing that God is Real, that He exist without a doubt and I believe you have gone beyond this step and even felt a connection with God throughout your life. Sometimes strong and sometimes weak. So I won’t go into details about confirming the existence of God!

      The second step on this journey however is to realize that one can only know why GOD created us and what He requires of us WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY through REVELATION from God! Why?

      1. If it is not based on revelation that means GOD himself didn’t see it important to tell us the why’s and what’s and therefore we wouldn’t be held accountable for them.
      2. If it’s not based on revelation then everyone would be left up to their own idea, or theory or guesses about God which would bring forth chaos and much disagreement which is not what God want’s for His creation!

      Therefore, If it’s not revelation then we can not accept it as a way of life from God to be followed by all of humankind!

      ***Now, and this is very important to understand…***
      REVELATION has to bare certain descriptions that are only befitting to God!

      Example : God is All Knowing – Therefore the revelation that comes from Him can not have any Errors or Contradictions or Doubtful information. If it is the word of God it’s statements have to be exact and precise because He is ALL-KNOWING. If we attribute a book or anything else to God that is not in line with His Perfect Nature then we have committed BLASPHEMY! and this is why Muslims more than any other people are most cautious about what they say and believe about God because we will be held accountable for exactly that!

      The same is true for the One who we call God – He must be All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Uncreated and Self-Sustaining,
      If we say someone is God and they are not all knowing, All-Powerful, Perfectly Just etc then we have again committed a BLASPHEMY against God.

      By this standard we able distinguish truth from falsehood,
      we are able to distinguish the books and people that are not from God from the books and people that are from God.
      and we are able to distinguish the True God from false Gods that people have elevated for themselves.

      This is why Muslims believe that Jesus is a Mighty Messenger of God but not God or a god himself
      1. Because according to the bible he was not All-Knowing
      2. He was not All-Powerful
      3. He was not Eternal etc. etc. etc.

      This is also why Muslims believe that the Bible is not the original Gospel that was revealed specifically FROM GOD TO JESUS! Because there are too many statements that are opposed to the nature of God in terms of Knowledge, Justice, Honor and Ability. And I have intention whatsoever of being offensive because it is never a personal thing when we talk “belief” rather it is a serious matter because the most important thing for any human being and the thing that he has to be most careful about is what he believes and says about God.

      This is why Muslims have accepted The Quran to be Revelation from God
      1. Because it has no Errors or Contradictions
      2. It has nothing doubtful or incorrect
      3. It is Perfect and God is Perfect
      4. It is Unique and God is Unique
      5. It is Majestic and God is Majestic
      6. It is clear and direct and accessible to ALL in it’s original revealed language and not something concealed from the masses.
      7. The information that it contains can only be from one who is All-Knowing, All-Seeing, Merciful etc. and can not be from Muhammad who was unable to read or write and was not a scientist or an astronomer or an embryologist or a student of history, law or theology.
      and there are so many more unique features that only The Quran possesses that we recognize and accept to be completely in line with the Divine Qualities of God.

      There is much more to be said but I want to make sure that I have been clear up until this point so if there is anything you have questions or comments about from what I have mentioned. Please do respond when you have a chance.

      If God writes guidance for someone nothing could ever prevent them from being guided and if he does not there is nothing that anyone can do to guide them. All Power and Glory belongs to Him!


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